Professional construction, teacher training, talent training programs, training room construction, skills competitions, learning materials and teaching materials
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    Professional construction、Teacher training、School-enterprise cooperationAll-in-one overall solution
    A professional service team, employing over 70 well-known domestic education experts, dedicated to the development of new majors and the construction of personnel training programs; Integrate advanced industry experience and resources from advanced regions (schools), and design characteristic majors and new major construction plans based on the characteristics of our school.
    Training for teachers
    Mastering technology means mastering the initiative of development. We regularly conduct online and offline teacher training on new technologies, processes, formats, and concepts; Drawing on the essence of cutting-edge technology, building an exchange platform with excellent university teachers, and providing a zero distance exchange platform with outstanding experts and scholars in the industry.
    School enterprise 
    Integrate school enterprise resources, utilize qualified professional teachers and students from universities to research and develop advanced experimental and training equipment, and actively cooperate with the school to apply for teaching and research results; Collaborate to build experimental and training rooms and develop high-quality materials and textbooks; Innovate cooperation models based on the characteristics of our school.
    Why choose Guangzhou Guangxue Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd?
    advanced technique
    Continuous innovation ensures advanced technology in the industry
    More than 10 years of industry experience
    Guaranteed brand new accessories
    Regular follow-up maintenance

    good service
    Professional technical and after-sales service team
    Guangxue Diversified Service System
    Guangxue Diversified Service System
    Customized development of characteristic teaching equipment
    Overall Planning and Design of the Experimental Training Room
    Provide supporting teaching materials and materials
    Provide technical support and sponsorship for skill competitions
    skills competition
    Service sponsorship for various vocational skills competitions
    Competition facilities, competition organization
    In recent years, the company has sponsored and co hosted multiple domestic vocational skills competitions, and has a mature service team for the Guangxue Competition. We can participate in various skill competitions through multiple channels and channels, including sponsorship of competition facilities, competition clothing and other supplies, venue design and layout, assistance in competition organization work, competition technical support, and competition award sponsorship.
    Textbook development
    Compile teaching equipment supporting textbooks
    Continuously developing high-tech teaching products
    Course design and textbook writing
    Continuously innovate and grasp development
    Compile textbooks, workpages, PPTs, etc. based on the human training plan, record micro courses, and have qualified professional teachers participate in the preparation of textbooks and materials according to the school's characteristics.
    In recent years, the company has added high-tech research and development teams such as artificial intelligence product research and development teams, intelligent networking technology research and development teams, testing new technology research and development teams, and new energy technology research and development teams to track the development trends of cutting-edge technologies, timely introduce cutting-edge technologies into the teaching field, and ensure that each institution can keep up with the forefront of technological development and grasp new technologies.
    technological innovation
    Project Case 500+
    The company has over 330 standardized products, including professional teaching equipment such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, intelligent networking, intelligent buildings, smart homes, electrical and electronics, elevators, new energy vehicles, mechanical manufacturing, etc.
    Patents and copyrights 100+
    Innovative research and development, with an average of 15 patents and copyrights applied annually, firmly grasping the core technology of vocational teaching products.
    After sales service outlets 20+
    The company provides after-sales service in designated areas in various provinces across the country, with after-sales service points no more than 100 kilometers away from schools, ensuring on-site service within 24 hours.
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